Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nancy Turns a Corner: Weeds 4.11

With only two more episodes to go in this bright, dark 4th season of Weeds, Nancy turned an important corner in last night's Episode 11.

Nancy has been close to the law before - even sleeping with and marrying drug enforcement agent Peter Scottson a few seasons ago - but she never went this far...

Lately she's been feeling terribly conflicted. Her sons are almost totally out of her control - Shane is acting like he did indeed sleep with the duo from school, and certainly doesn't intend to stop. A lot more than drugs are going through the tunnel in her store - guns and women.

Esteban indicates he's not about to stop or change anything.

So ... in a great twist of a last scene, which has been Weeds' stock and trade, Nancy meets with Till, the agent who had been playing Celia. (She calls him on the phone first. We don't fully see him at first when he and Nancy meet. I thought he was going to be... Conrad. And I have a feeling we may yet see Conrad in the next two episodes after Labor Day.)

How far will she go with this? Likely enough to get Guillermo arrested.

I can't see her giving up Esteban. But Guillermo could. Esteban is probably safe from the DEA in Mexico. But at very least, his relationship with Nancy is going to suffer...

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