Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Speaks Powerfully at the Democratic Convention, In a Scene for the History Books and the Ages

The best part of Hillary Clinton's speech tonight was when she asked her supporters whether they had voted for her in the primaries, or voted for the people who needed her, whom she championed in her campaign. If the answer was the latter, Hillary continued, then you must vote for Barack Obama.

Powerful on the level of logic as well as emotion - because, for those who voted for Hillary for her, and not for the causes and people she championed, then they, too, should now vote Obama, since that what was Hillary was urging them to do.

Of course, not everyone is logical, or even susceptible to emotion on this issue. There will be some supporters of Hillary Clinton who will not vote Obama, whatever Hillary now says. Either because they were always closet McCain supporters, or for whatever better reasons.

But Hillary's speech could not have been any better tonight. There was nothing more convincing that she could have said.

And it was a scene for the history books. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the audience. Michelle Obama and Joe Biden giving her standing ovations.

In a more perfect world, in a more ideal political state, Hillary would have been the Vice Presidential candidate at this convention.

As it is, we'll have to settle for an appointment to the Supreme Court or another worthy position by Barack Obama, and perhaps becoming President after 2016.

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