Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Caffees and Blago in Brotherhood

Michael Caffee continues to be admirably reliable in blasting away those who push him too far in his business. He started this season of Brotherhood killing US Attorney Ellis Franklin when Franklin squeezed him just a little too much, and in Episode 3.7 he let Nozzoli have it.

But it wasn't a clean kill - a picnicking family saw the shooting - and it looked in the coming attractions as if Nozzoli wasn't killed, even though Michael shot him three times.

And there remains the harrowing question of what Michael is going to do about Kath and Colin, now that the helpful FBI has shown him the picture of the two of them kissing. My prediction: I can't quite see Michael killing a member of his family, or Kath, as furious as Michael is. Michael has always been protective of his family, even when he has reason not to. Of course, he did beat Colin, so anything is possible ...

The other big question is what's going to happen with Tommy. There are two parts to this -

1. What will Tommy do? With the Speaker in the hospital with a serious heart attack, and Tommy a very possible replacement - will he resist stepping up? Eileen certainly doesn't want that. But I think Tommy has politics inescapably in his blood.

2. Will Declan bring Tommy down? I'll tell you: I really don't like Declan. Fine acting by Ethan Embry, but the character really bothers me. He's a loser with his wife, I don't know what he really wants as far as being a good detective. If anyone goes down, I would rather it be Declan. Maybe Michael will put Declan out of his misery.

This season of the Brotherhood has really been a fine chess match, and, as fate would have it, ever closer to politics in our real world. Gov. Blagojevich of Illinois would fit perfectly in the Rhode Island of Brotherhood.

Hey, bring Blago on for a cameo next season, if he's not locked away. He wouldn't hold a candle to Jason Clarke as Tommy Caffee, and Jason Isaacs as Michael is in an Emmy-deserving class of his own, but Blago in black would work just fine in some political wheeling and dealing scene, and, hey, it's cable, so they wouldn't have to bleep his language.

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