Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fringe 10: Shattered Pieces Come Together Through Space and Time

Anyone who thought that Fringe was just milling around, taunting us with disparate slivers that would never come together, needs to see tonight's Episode 10, in which

1. We learn what is the likely the main thing that Walter was inventing years ago - a device that can pluck anyone or anything through space and time. Except, Walter never got to finish and test his device, but

2. This apparently is the bigger picture behind the apples through steel we saw a few weeks ago. Moving objects through solid steel is just one aspect of Walter's unfinished, untested device. Tonight it moves far more than applies, including

3. A nasty scientist or some kind of intense dude from that German "Wissenschaft" prison (means, science, as in Einstein) we also saw a few weeks ago. And before he takes his teleporting, steel melting leave, he kills his lawyer, last seen on The Tudors as Thomas Cromwell and earlier on 24 as Audrey's husband (not Jack, the British guy - well played in all cases by James Frain). The prison traveler also tells his guys on the outside, back in the US, to

4. Kidnap Olivia - who is indeed kidnapped - because

5. Massive Dynamics is finally getting a clue about Olivia and John Scott - she's drawing on some of his memories, which she acquired when she wasn't completely nude in that tank (though the script was sounding like she was supposed to be) (did Fringe or Fox make that scene a little more tame, because of the FCC?) (never mind, I don't want to start rambling off like Walter). But, yeah, Massive D is on to the danger that Olivia poses to them, and

6. Don't hold your breath for any more, because that's it, until Fringe returns in January.

But I'm thinking Fringe has really begun to prove itself, the pieces are beginning to make much more sense, and we have a fine science fiction show for at least the Spring ahead...

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