Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dexter 3.12: Season's Happy Endings?

We knew Dexter would survive this Season 3 finale - the series is too superb to have a Season 4 without him. But I was surprised by the number of other happy endings, or at least happy and good steps forward for major characters, that came to us in this finale. These include -

1. Dexter and Rita getting married. Yes, there was a little blood at the end on Rita's white dress, but that was more symbolic than indicative of anything immediately dangerous.

2. Deb getting promoted to detective, against all odds, and getting back into her good relationship with Anton, against even greater odds.

3. Angel coming clean with LaGuerta about how his need for human contact led him to a prostitute, who has become the love of his life, that's ok with LaGuerta, too (which does make sense).

4. Dexter forgiving his father.

5. The two bad guys, Ramon and King the skinner, successfully vanquished.

I still think that Miguel went far too easily last week - and, come to think of it, that's a surprise happy ending, too.

I'm going to keep thinking, though, about this finale. The season was in many ways the best of the three. And maybe its biggest surprise of all that, on some days, everything can indeed work out right, is a surprise worthy of this excellent series.

It's certainly more than enough to make me wish Season 4 was starting tomorrow. I can't wait to see how some of those happy endings start to unravel.

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