Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama's Problem with Pastors: Round 2

Well, it turns out Barack Obama may have a problem with pastors. Wright was the most serious misstep in Obama's successful campaign for the Presidency. And Warren is the worst thing Obama has done - inviting Warren to give the inauguration invocation - as President-elect.

The only good news about this is perhaps Obama will learn from these experiences, and not do something similarly damaging when he's actually President, and his decisions have far greater consequences.

As it is, though, this two-for-two, with two very different but reprehensible pastors, should be more than enough to make us see the wisdom of separation of church and state in this country.

Warren sees brothers marrying sisters, polygamy, and adults marrying children as the same as gays getting married (see video below). In a genuinely free society, in which the government does not tell consenting adults what to do, the only business that government should have regarding any of the above is preventing and punishing child abuse.

We're apparently still a way off from that society. Maybe Obama is even doing its cause a favor by keeping it so prominently on the front burner.

My wife and I will still watch the inauguration with pleasure, but not when that bigot gives the invocation.

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