Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heroes 3: Hiro's Time Traveling Closure

Well, Sylar's back to full evil, Arthur's dead - courtesy of Sylar, with some help from Peter - but the real story in last night episode 3.12 of Heroes was Hiro's.

The episode was entitled "Our Father," and fathers Arthur, HRG, and Kaito played important roles. But the highpoint of the show was Hiro and his mother - or, more precisely, Hiro 10 years old in real age and mind, Hiro the adult but 10 years of age in his mind, Hiro the adult with adult memories - and his mother.

It was one of the tenderest sequences in the entire series. Hiro gets the meet his mother, whose healing powers 16 years ago are not enough to save her. But she is able to see her son, one last time, and he her, as he always wanted, and it was satisfying to see that kind of closure.

She gives Hiro her catalytic "light," as well as his memories back, but Arthur shortly takes them away, before he himself is killed. It looks as if Ando will pick up the mantle, and finally become a hero himself, though, truthfully, he's been a hero all along in his only human way.

I'm going to miss Elle, and I'd like to see a lot more of Ali Larter in whatever triplet she plays, but I'm keyed for the Fall Finale next week.

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