Monday, December 15, 2008

Space, Time, and Blogging in The Sarah Connor Chronicles

"We all know how reliable bloggers are," John sarcastically observed in Episode 2.13, the Fall finale, of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Hopefully, he'd feel differently about this blog, and you will, too...

As for the episode, it was powerful, and game-changing, although not in the subtlest way. Then again, subtlety was never the strong suit of any of Terminator stories, not to mention the Terminators.

The most interesting part of tonight's episode, for me, was former agent Ellison schooling the reborn Cromartie. Why is Ellison doing this? He knows how bad Cromartie can be. I'm guessing that Ellison may be on the way to developing a good Terminator, in Cromartie's form.

Also significant is what more we learned of Riley, though her ultimate allegiance - whether to John or Jesse, and what about Sarah, if John and Jesse have different views of whether to protect or get rid of her - has yet to be determined. What is very clear, at this point, is that Jesse is not the nicest person. War with metal in the future probably did that to her - but she's even tougher than Derek.

And what of Sarah? I don't know - the least believable part of tonight's story is that she is being taken in by some kind of UFO - from outer space or the future, it's hard to say - and, if the coming attractions are any indication, John's father Kyle is among them. Meaning, what? Kyle wasn't really killed at the end of Terminator 1, the very first movie?

We'll see in February, when The Sarah Connor Chronicles will have the tough competition of Lost as another series that travels through time...

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