Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The L Word Returns for Final Saucy Season: A Sneak Preview Review

I was fortunate to see the first four episodes of The L Word's final Season 6 - set to begin on January 18 - and thought I would give you this sneak preview review, which will be major spoiler free.

To begin with the biggest news, Showtime's advertisements for the finale season have been telling you that Jenny's dead, so you presumably know that already. We see Jenny's body, taken out of the pool in which she drowned, in the very first scene, as all our other favorite players react in the house. Now, television being what it is, I often point out that, unless you see a head blown to smithereens right in front of your eyes, the deceased may not really or permanently be that way. (Look, for example, about what 24 is apparently doing with Tony Almeida in its new season, also to debut in January.) So, although I promise I saw nothing that indicates Jenny may not be really dead, and she likely really is, I just wanted to mention the possibility that maybe she isn't....

The first four episodes, and I assume most or all of this season, go back three months before Jenny's death, and tell everyone's story leading up to her body in the pool. The one common theme is that just about everyone has a motive .... Everyone.

Freud is famous for saying that sex and death - libido and thanatos - are the primary factors in our deepest psychology, and there's certainly plenty of great sex in this new season of The L Word, always one of the attractions for me (yeah, heterosexual men enjoy seeing women make love). But babies also play an important role in the story this season - not only adopted, but one of the major characters is pregnant, and you might just be able to logically figure out who.

Some fine new characters and actresses are on the show this season. Lucy Lawless, of Battlestar Galactica fame, is the great-looking cop who is investigating Jenny's death, and Elizabeth Berkley - I thought she gave a powerful performance in Paul Verhoeven's 1995 Showgirls, I don't care what they say - is on the show as Bette's college roommate, and Bette still has some kind of feelings for her....

We're in for a real treat in the finale season of The L Word, saucier, sexier, smarter than ever, where the characters not only jump into bed at the drop of a hat, but fall in love and break each others' hearts like everyone did back in high school, and that's fun to see, too. And this year, The L Word even has a flavor of political urgency, as characters consider marriage against the outrageous reality of Proposition 8 in California...

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