Friday, December 5, 2008

Righting the Cosmos: Why Caroline Kennedy Should Take Hillary's Seat in the Senate

MSNBC has been reporting all day, via Andrea Mitchell, that Caroline Kennedy would be interested in Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat. New York State Governor David Paterson would need to appoint her.

I have heard lots of commentary about this today, some to the effect that Caroline Kennedy does not have sufficient experience to be a US Senator.

I see things differently.

First, I think the Senate, of all positions in government, requires the least nuts-and-bolts political experience - indeed, maybe none. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was never elected to public office - he did serve as domestic policy adviser to Richard Nixon - and did a fine job as Senator from New York. More than experience, the Senate requires a reflective, philosophic mind, able to see the deeper, broader issues. Hillary Clinton has done a good job as Senator from New York as well, and she never held any prior elected or appointed public office.

Caroline Kennedy has shown that kind of perceptive, contemplative mind in her writing and editing. Her Profiles of Courage in Our Time, in which she assembled essays from 14 recipients of the Profiles in Courage award, ranging from Bob Woodward to John McCain, is a fitting successor to her father's Profiles in Courage.

And, yes, there's her name, and this relates to what I see as setting things right in the cosmos. There was something taken from us, ripped and drained from our country, when JFK and then RFK were killed. Something more than political, although that of course was part of what was lost. There is no way we can go back in time and change that. But Caroline Kennedy in the US Senate would be one way of correcting, restoring some of the balance that was lost.

I hope David Paterson appoints her.

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