Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caroline Kennedy in 30-min New York 1 Interview: "Deep Respect for Constitution" Central Issue

Caroline Kennedy sat for a 30-minute interview yesterday with Dominic Carter on New York 1 television. As Carter indicated several times, Caroline was not given the questions beforehand, and there were no preconditions about what could or could not be asked during the interview.

What came across most during the interview is Caroline Kennedy's commitment to public service - not a sense of entitlement, as some of her myopic critics have said, but a devotion to serving the public that comes from her family, and, yes, her name. Think about it. Here is a woman whose father and uncle were assassinated - one President, the other campaigning for President. She has raised a family, could remain in private life, work as a lawyer and author, out of the limelight, but instead she has a burning desire to do put herself out and do whatever she can to help her country. Given what we've seen in all too many of our politicians of late, this is a rare quality indeed.

And her views on the issues are excellent. I was especially impressed with her "deep respect for the Constitution". In an age in which we go to war without a Declaration, in which the FCC daily tramples on our freedoms of speech, in which prosecutors throw reporters in jail for not giving up their sources, we have a crisis in respect for the Constitution that goes far beyond the abuses of the Bush administration. I don't recall either current New York Senator making respect for the Constitution such a crucial issue.

New York 1 does not have embeddable videos. You can see the entire 30-minute interview right here. Tell me you don't think the state of New York and our country would be uplifted with Caroline Kennedy in the Senate.
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