Sunday, December 21, 2008

Politics in Brotherhood Season 3 Finale Even More Intense than in Illinois

I don't know whether Brotherhood will be coming back for another season - I surely hope that it does - but tonight's finale tied up a lot of loose ends, even as it left a lot more to be told.

Tommy is now Speaker of the House. His first shrewd gambit to get there was turning in and on Kilpatrick and Donatello, certainly not the most immoral thing to do, given that the bribe money that passed between the two, and Tommy delivered, was not Tommy's idea. But Declan got in the way of Tommy's plan, and talked Kilpatrick into turning on Tommy.... Fortunately for Tommy, Freddie was already willing to do what was necessary, and kill Kilpatrick before any further damage was done. Donatello, in the hospital with a heart attack and stroke, may not survive too much longer in any event.

So Tommy becomes Speaker, and he's beholden to Freddie for killing Kirkpatrick, and in fact giving Freddie the go ahead to that. Freddie made it look like a suicide, so the Feds are not likely to suspect, though Declan might, and Tommy knows.

And where do we stand with all of this? Well, I think Freddie (well played by Kevin Chapman) was a much more interesting character this year than in the first two seasons, and he was something close to, if not heroic tonight, at least stepping up and doing what he needed to do. It was Declan's fault, after all, that Tommy's first plan fell through, which would have had Kilpatrick going to prison not being killed. As I said last week, I don't like Declan one bit, and I'm glad his plan to ruin Tommy was foiled. And Tommy ... well, his hands were always a little dirty, and now they are even more so, but he, too, did what was necessary to survive.

Michael, who was out of control most of the episode, did an even more noble thing in the end, enabling not only himself but Tommy and his whole family to survive. The scene when Tommy tells Michael he has to go, and Michael understands, was one of the best in the series.

Colin and Kath didn't work out - no real surprise - but Michael's gone when they both get back to Providence, separately. Michael puts in a call to Rose, from a public phone from somewhere out of town, to tell her he's ok. So, he leaves town, just as the series began with his coming back to Providence after so many years.

A fitting ending for this season, but I hope not for this powerhouse series, which as I've said in previous reviews this year has become more relevant than ever, especially given the unfolding events in Illinois.

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