Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles in Triple Time

Episode 2.12 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight gave us a triptych of Lauren, a new character, through time...

Her family in 2008 is on Skynet's hit list. Sarah and Cameron show up to save them. The family's not too cooperative, but Lauren, their teenage daughter, gets what's going on better than her mother and father.

Meanwhile, six months later, the mother has been saved, and is pregnant, but badly wounded. Lauren's taking care of her, as best she can. Derek comes by to protect her, and help her deliver her baby - a girl. The baby survives, but not the mother.

And in 2027, Skynet has unleashed a deadly illness. Derek goes out to save a survivor, and meets Jesse, for the first time. The survivor is Lauren's baby sister - grown up now - and she has immunity to the illness. Derek and Jesse get her back to the main camp, and are injected with the immunity factor. They survive, and are thanked by Lauren, still on top of her game.

If only all missions to thwart Skynet's will went so well. But while the over-all plotline wasn't furthered very much, it was nice to see the story play out across three inter-cutting times. And Samantha Krutzfeldt did a memorable job as Lauren. She would make an excellent continuing character - a human equivalent of Cameron.

It also was good to see how Derek and Jesse first met in the future. I have a feeling that a lot of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, at least this season, will depend upon what happens with their relationship.

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