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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Korean CD Reissue of my 1972 Twice Upon a Rhyme Album Just Released

This new Korean CD reissue of my 1972 album Twice Upon a Rhyme just came out - you can read more about it on Ebay (click on the picture)....

And, if you'd like a taste of the music, try my MySpace music page, or my Infinite Regress post about about Twice Upon a Rhyme.

Reviews of Twice Upon a Rhyme on Rate My Music ... with reviews like this, "it's a cool LP, and definitely addictive, 'relics of summer psychedelics, an ever dwindling splinter, browse around, while the world dies down...' think lush green osmosis into a hazy glen campfire as the night flashes on the glimmering trees and warm air, butterflies and summer loves and long walks on dirt roads"...
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