Monday, February 1, 2010

And CBS Disses Gays

Last night, CBS struck a blow for cluelessness and Victorian morality by silencing a Grammy perfornance at least 10 times.

Today, I saw the news  that CBS is pulling the ManCrunch gay dating site ad from its Superbowl lineup.

Fortunately, America has evolved beyond the shackles which typified much of 20th century television.  That's one reason why cable television and the Internet are drawing so many former network viewers.   For CBS to cater to the retrograde, biased elements in America - to people who don't understand or oppose the need to treat people the same, whatever their lawful sexual preferences - only further separates CBS from the cutting edge of American popular culture.

Awards ceremonies and big sporting events may be the last bastion of network success, as viewers of news and drama and comedy increasingly go elsewhere.   Yes, I know there are superb shows such as Lost and 24 on network television - I review them every week - and NCIS on CBS.  But the trajectories are heading away from the networks.  For every Lost on network, there is a Big Love, True Blood, Mad Men, Dexter, and Burn Notice on cable.

CBS seems to be doing a good job of undermining its last zone of success.
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