Monday, February 8, 2010

24 8.7: More Like 24s than 24, with at Least Five Stories

At least five distinct stories proceeding in this episode 7 of Season 8 of 24, at least four of them related.   The one that isn't - at least yet - is Dana and her former boyfriend and his loser partner, who rob a police evidence locker, but stay too long.   This may result in their getting caught, and who knows what may happen to Dana, who was pressured by her boyfriend to provide intel for the lamely executed heist.

Meanwhile, our four other story lines are slowly converging.

1. Pseudo-Iranian (Kamistanian) President Hassan is going from bad to worse in his hunt for anyone he thinks might have had the remotest connection to his attempted assassination.   Understandable, to some extent, because his brother was behind it, and is still at large, and a factor in the central plot, the selling of Russian nukes to who knows what terrorist organization.

2.  The Russian bad guy with the nukes - Sergei Bazhaev - is getting ready to bury his son, whom he killed, while his other son, Josef, simmers with anger about what happened to his brother.  Sergei also sends a team to Vlad's hideout - Vlad had called Sergei with news of a great deal for the nukes, but Sergei isn't willing to even admit to Vlad that he has the nukes, so Sergei sends a team to kill Vlad.

3. Not necessary - because Renee has already killed Vlad.  Forced to sleep with him last week (or hour, in 24 time), frustrated because Vlad has given up on getting a deal for the nukes, and is focusing instead on sleeping again with Renee, she loses it, and stabs Vlad to death.   It was a violent but satisfying scene.  Vlad got just what he deserved.

4.  Renee also stabbed but didn't seriously wound Jack, as he was trying to pull her away from Vlad.  Renee admits she lost it, says she has nobody.  In another fine scene, Jack tells Renee she has him.  But Sergei's team arrives.   Jack allows himself to be taken hostage - it's the only chance to get to the nukes.

5-min podcast review of 24

This is a unique season of 24, with so many different stories, and yet enough pulsing action and emotional dynamite in the main story - Jack and Renee - to pull it all together.   It's like 24s, not 24, as the clock ticks not only across split screens but multiple narratives.
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"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly

"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

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