Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost 6.4: Better LA, Wilder Island, Some Partial Answers at Last

We learned two crucial things about Lost alternate-reality LA in episode 6.4 tonight:  It's a far better place for our characters than their original reality, back in LA, before our original story began.  And it's just crawling with inexplicable coincidences in the intersections of our characters' lives.

First, about the better place.   Tonight's story was primarily about Locke.  Back in this non-plane-crash LA, we find Locke happily married to Helen (in the original reality, Locke's father spoiled that relationship).    Further, even when Locke is fired, his luck is changing for the better,  because-

Locke meets Hurley in the parking lot.   Here is where LA not only is a better place, but starts teeming with inexplicable coincidences.   Hurley gives Locke a job in another one of Hurley's companies (he's rich), a temp agency.   And after Locke runs into a bit of a problem with the woman interviewing him, he asks to see her boss - who turns out to be Rose.   And after she places him in a job as a substitute teacher, Locke runs into a history teacher in the faculty lounge - Ben Linus!   A much better LA indeed!

The Rose thread introduces another important theme of hope in this alternate LA.  Rose has terminal cancer, as she did in the original reality (another tenacious detail).   But in this improved LA reality, she has come to terms with it, and is determined to live what is left of her life to the fullest.   And, for good measure, Locke is able to admit that he didn't really go on the walkabout in Oz after all.   He's about give up his belief in miracles, but Helen tells him she'll always believe in miracles and never give up on him.

Meanwhile, back on island, things are aren't so hopeful at all, though we get some answers to long hanging questions.     Most important, the numbers that played such a role in Hurley's life, and which Desmond was chained to entering in the hatch, come from a cave that Jacob kept.   In this cave, Jacob listed the names of all the people he visited off the island (we saw some of these visits, to our characters, last year).   Jacob assigned them numbers - and the numbers next to the names of our characters, Sayid, Hurley, etc,  correspond to the numbers in Hurley's string of numbers, and entered on the computer in the hatch by Desmond and for a short time by Locke.

Of course, this still does not explain why the numbers were on Hurley's his life, why Desmond had to enter just that sequence in the hatch, etc.

But at least Lost, in its home stretch, is finally moving to address this long perplexing, fascinating, questions.

Even as it is still raising what seem like new ones.   Who was the boy who appeared to Locke/Nemesis, and to Sawyer, too?   I'm betting Aaron - but he did he get so old so quickly?  More time travel?

But the biggest question of all is still which of the realities is the most real, the most true, and will be standing and breathing at the series' conclusion.   The LA reality may be too good to be true, but the island is still a little too crazy to comprehend, so I'm still expecting some combination of both.

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