Monday, February 1, 2010

24 Season 8 Hour 6: Deep Sacrifices

Deep sacrifices in the excellent 24 8.6 tonight, most notably by -

Renee, who, despite her best efforts, winds up sleeping with Vlad, as the only way to save the mission.   Jack has slept under cover before, but it wasn't as much a sacrifice for him as it was for Renee tonight, in part because he liked the woman in question (I'm thinking of Jack in Season 3, in Mexico), and in part because, well, men and women are different.  Renee hates Vlad, because he raped or tried to rape her in the past (not clear).  And I'd guess that a man would be more ok about sleeping with a woman he had no feelings for, as part of his mission, than a woman would in similar circumstances feel about sleeping with a man.    So Renee's sacrifice tonight was extraordinary.

In other sacrifices tonight, Bazhaev's son Josef is willing to risk his father's wrath to save his brother, but it all goes bad when Bazhaev recaptures the two and kills the brother.   One good result of this might be that Josef might betray his father - that is, help our side - when the right time arrives.   In another kind of sacrifice, Dana is risking her job by helping her ex-con ex-boyfriend with a heist.   This is an incredibly dumb move, and not the brightest thread in this season of 24 so far.

But Jack is having one fine season, as he gets the best of Vlad's hit team, and moves closer to saving Renee.   He and Renee make a great team, and they better both survive this year.

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