Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heroes 4.18: Penultimate

Heroes put on an excellent next-to-last of the season episode 4.18 last night.  Will it be the next-to-last ever?   I hope not, because as I've saying here from time to time, I think this quieter, deeper season of Heroes has been the best since that mythical first season.

Last night featured a good back story on Noah.   We see how and why he first came to hate the "specials," and how he came to work for Primatech.   Claire sees this, too - Samuel wants her to see it, so she'll turn against Noah, but that doesn't happen.  Instead, Claire and Noah end up buried but alive in a carnival trailer that Samuel has put under the ground.   Lauren's somewhere on the premises, so there's hope they'll be discovered.

In some ways the even more profound story last night concerned the reckoning and ultimate partnership - at least for now - of Sylar and Peter.   Both are in the mental prison Matt constructed for Sylar, and Peter entered to rescue Sylar - not out of any love for Sylar, but because Peter in a dream saw Sylar as essential for stopping the cello woman from killing hundreds of people, under Samuel's influence.  The mental prison scenes work well, and have echoes of the original Prisoner series.    The two eventually break free of the prison when Peter believes that Sylar really regrets his murder of Nathan, and is to some extent at least a different person.   Peter perhaps recognizes some true Nathanic qualities in Peter.

So on to the Season 4 finale next week.  Heroes has run a strange course indeed for a television  series.  Bolt-from-the-blue hugely successful first season, followed by meanderings the next two seasons, and now a fine, satisfying, more contemplative year, in which the characters are, well, more human, and therefore more comprehensible, because they're closer to our scale of life.   I definitely want to see more.

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