Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lost 6.3: Kate and Claire, Tenacious Details, and Dr. Arzt's Arse at the Airport

We now have more evidence about the nature of the two realities in Lost.  Not only the basics - most of the people on the plane, for example - stay the same.   So do the details.  In the LA reality of episode 6.3, Claire thinks her baby's name should be Aaron.   In metaphysical terms - the what-if ground rules of science fiction - the rules of these two realities are that details have a stubborn tenacity.  They poke through whatever the differences in the two realities, whenever they can.

Inexplicable coincidences, which in many ways have been the hallmark of Lost (Desmond and Jack running into each other on the steps of the stadium, Sawyer is served by Kate's mother in a dinner, etc) continue in the LA reality, as well.  Ethan is Claire's doctor in the hospital to which Kate brings Claire when she goes into labor.   But how did Ethan end up in Los Angeles in this reality?   In the original Lost reality, which the characters are still pursuing on the island, Ethan was born to Amy and Horace.   But if the H-bomb went off, how did Ethan get off the island, with the tenacious, constant detail that he's still a doctor kicking in?

Events on the island are little more explicable. There's something inside Sayid, if we believe Dogen, and I'm inclined to. I said last week that I thought Sayid came back to life inhabited by Jacob.   That still seems to be on track, though Jacob's taking a little longer to manifest himself.   (I suppose there's an outside chance that the manifesting spirit "claiming," as Dogen puts it, Sayid's body is not Jacob but Smokey - but what would be the Nemesis's point in claiming two bodies, Locke's and now Sayid's?)

Kate had some very good scenes with Sawyer on the island (and some really powerful acting from Josh Holloway) , where we also find that Claire is still alive - though inhabited, at least according to Dogen.

And back in alternate-reality L.A., Claire is not giving baby Aaron away.   The adopting parents have split, and the adoptive mother no longer wants the baby.  Lost missed an opportunity, here, to make the adoptive mother someone we know.  But we did get Dr. Arzt's arse at the airport. 

And with Claire keeping her baby, the two realities move maybe a little closer to convergence, which I predict will be how this will all end.

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