Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heroes Forever

A beautiful Heroes finale tonight - definitely of this, the fourth season, maybe of the entire series, though I hope not.   This was written by series creator Tim Kring.  It tied up some powerful lose ends, and brought into being some revolutionizing new ones.

Among the highlights -

1. Hiro finds Charlie.  The actress, Jayma Mays, is on Glee now, but Hiro finds her in his hospital - very old, and at the end of her life.  Samuel sent her back to 1944.   She never stopped thinking about Hiro.  He can fix this - he can go back to 1944 (the operation restored his powers), and take her back with him to the present, where they can live together, happily ever after.  But Charlie's grand daughter comes into her room.   Charlie has led a full and happy life.  If Hiro were to go back to 1944 and "save" her, what would happen to her family, to her granddaughter?  They would cease to exist.  In a good ending to this little time travel nugget, Hiro understands that he has to let the story of Charlie and him end right there, in this hospital.

2.  Hiro and Ando in any case are urgently needed in New York City, where Doyle, doing Samuel's bidding, is getting Emma the cellist to play her music.  This is attracting droves of people to Central Park.  Samuel's plan is to kill them, to demonstrate his power.   But all kinds of heroes are converging on the park, to do what they can to stop him.

3.  This includes Peter and Sylar, freed last week by Peter from Matt's mental prison, and swearing that he's changed, he's a hero now.   And he indeed does his part, and frees Emma from Doyle's puppetry.

4.  Noah and Claire were buried in a carnival van deep in the ground by Samuel last week.  But Lauren figures out how to save them - she enlists Tracy, who turns to water, seeps under the ground, and provides a liquid route to escape.

5.  Samuel's power comes from the power of heroes around him.   As they're told the truth about him, they all leave.   Meanwhile, Hiro teleports all the non-heroes to safety.   Deprived of his powers, Samuel is finished.

And now the kicker.   Claire, who has been struggling with whether to live a lie, denying her powers, for the entire series, decides a change is due.   Contrary to what Noah so desperately wants for her, Claire decides to go public.  With most of the heroes on hand and watching in amazement, she invites the cameras of the assembled media to watch her, as she climbs up high, jumps to what should be her death on the ground, then stands and cleans herself off.

It's a wonderful ending.   If the series is renewed, we'll have a whole new story next year, of at least one and maybe more heroes publicly known.  If the series is not renewed, there will now always be a good basis for a comeback series, five, ten, even fifteen years from now.

Whatever happens, I predict we will in one way or another be seeing more Heroes.

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The Plot to Save Socrates

"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly

"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

"Sierra Waters is sexy as hell" - curled up with a good book
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