Tuesday, February 2, 2010

House 6.12: The Progression to Mensch Continues

A good House 6.12 last night, in which House hires Foreman's big brother Marcus, just out of prison, and House and Wilson are pranked by Cuddy's boyfriend Lucas.

It all serves to show what an increasing mensch House is becoming, more so with almost every show this season.   That therapy must have really helped.   House hires Marcus, it turns out, not to goad Foreman, but because House wants to bring them closer together, or more accurately, back in any kind of meaningful touch.   And Lucas as the prankster rather than House is a refreshing departure from almost all else previous in the series.

I'm wondering how far this will go.  Although House's leg was hurting him a bit more prominently last night, he's been making it pretty well through this season so far without the heavy drugs that kept him going previously.  Is House's attitude towards life improving along with his handing of pain?

If the progress is permanent - and, so many times in the past, it has not been - this could result in a genuine transformation of House, something you rarely if ever see on television.   On the other hand, it was always House's genius, not his neuroses, that I thought were closest to the heart of the series and character - though the misanthropic qualities were a close second - and I think House the character and series could do quite well with a little less of the misanthropy.

It will be fun to see how this all progresses this season.

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