Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fringe 2.15: I'll Take 'Manhatan'

I'm one of the world's worst spellers (as you may notice if you read my blog enough), but even I knew something cool and profound was amiss when the location ID at the beginning of Fringe 2.15 said, "Manhatan".   This is Fringe, after all.  Oddities, including misspellings, don't happen by accident.  In this case, it was sure sign sign we were in the alternate universe - William Bell's, also from which Water took Peter.   This was soon confirmed by the rarity of coffee, and then completely revealed when a character from this world tells us the Pentagon and the White House were destroyed on September 11, 2001.  (The newspaper from the finale of Season One talked about a new White House - and the World Trade Centers were standing tall.)

So, this was set to be a superb episode, and it was.   Olivia had the power as a little girl to recognize things from the alternate universe which wound up in ours:  they shimmered.   She needs to regain this power in order to identify a building in our New York which will disappear into the alternate New York.  She has trouble getting the power back.  She's justifiably furious with Walter for experimenting on her as a little girl.

It dawned on me, about halfway into the story, that should Olivia regain that power, she would see Peter all a glimmer - because he came from that alternate world.  Walter's too engrossed in the matters at hand to realize this in time.

Peter and Olivia are about too kiss - this is sure to happen, sooner or later - as Peter comforts Olivia, who is afraid of what might happen if she doesn't regain the power.   Fear is the catalyst.  Olivia regains the power, saves the people in the building before it vanished, and shows up at Peter's house.   The two are about to go out for a drink-

And Peter's shimmering.

So now the secret's out at last.   Fringe will be back in  April.   And we'll get to see how the crazy world to which we've now become accustomed will be turned upside down.   Good for the screen, good for the brain.

5-min podcast review of Fringe

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