Saturday, February 6, 2010

Numb3rs 6.14: Globes, Relationships, and Poincaré

A really fine episode of Numb3rs - 6.14 - last night which, for my money, keeps getting better and better.

The refreshing plot was a jewelry heist at a Golden Globes-type televised awards ceremony.   Some good, behind-the-scenes info was provided - the awards show packs the audience with non-celebrity, glamorous, good looking people, so there are no empty seats if a star goes to the bathroom or out for a smoke.   And it was fun to see William Katt and Marilou Henner back on television in guest roles.

But the big step forward in 6.14 was in the relationships of some of the major characters.  David, against all odds, is finally having an evening with a happy ending, with a beautiful insurance investigator (she works for Lloyd's of London).    Nikki rides off in a flashy car with Regal (William Katt).   Colby doesn't do as well, but when was the last time you saw two out of these three having any semblance of a normal relationship?

Relationships on the edge or even limbo have been the staple of Numb3rs from the beginning.  The show best succeeds, I've always thought, when it pulls at least a few of the central characters in from the brink.   Now that Larry's back, offering his own brand of cosmically far-out advice and humor - when was the last time you heard Poincaré mentioned in a television series - the show can concentrate on giving our other characters a little more grounding.

And I thought the gun scenes and high-tech effects were top-notch in this episode, too.

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