Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost 6.5: Alternate LA Families and Prester John's Speculum

Lost 6.5 had another inexplicable intersection of characters in the alternate LA reality - Jack runs into Dogen at a music competition.

And the pianist competing in the auditorium may be even more important to understanding what is going on - or the nature of this alternate LA reality, in which flight 815 does not crash.   It's Jack's son, David, who doesn't exist in our original Lost reality.   Jack had a wife, of course, in the original, but no children as far as we know.   Both ended in divorce, but in alternate LA, Jack has a piano virtuoso son.

This is another piece of evidence for something I mentioned last week, in my Better LA review:  our characters are doing a little better in this alternate reality than in the original.   But tonight there's also a hint of something else in this alternate reality.  It seems that Jack, at least, is slightly out of it.  His memory's not quite there.  First, he's not quite sure about an appendix scar.   He asks his mother about it, and she says, sure, you had your appendix taken out when you were younger, and Jack replies, not 100% convincingly, that he remembers.   Then, Jack doesn't know that his son was in the music competition.   The explanation - that his son is keeping this from Jack - is not unreasonable, but it still seemed to me that Jack's memory was less than fully charged.

What could this be an indication of?   That the LA better reality is not the prime reality, so that its denizens don't quite have a complete hold on their realities?  Perhaps....

Meanwhile, our original Jack back on the island gets taken to a  lighthouse by Hurley (under Jacob's direction), where they discover a device that shows Jack's house as a child, in a live mirror.   This is how Jacob has been keeping an eye on Jack, and other people with names on the wheel (were these the same names we saw on the wall last week? ... probably).   All of this reminded me of Prester John's Speculum - a semi-mythical medieval device that Prester John (a semi-mythical character) used to see across hundreds of miles (and perhaps, I always thought, across time, but who can say).   Jack destroys the "speculum" in the Lighthouse - fitting, since nothing remains of Prester John's speculum in our world today.

And to top off this episode about Jack and his family, we finally meet Claire on the island.  She's crazed, looking for her baby, and has a friend - faux-Locke, inhabited now by the Nemesis.

Coming attractions for next week apologized that they could show us only seconds, but promised us answers.

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