Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NCIS 8.19: The Deadly Book

Well, some of my critics think some of my books are deadly, but that's not the way the book at the centerpiece of NCIS 8.19 was deadly tonight.   It was responsible for the murder of two.   And just how it was responsible provides the story of one of the better standalone whodunits on NCIS this season.

First victim discovered is a Navy Commander.   He was doing some kind of intelligence work - which the Admiral in charge (Carl Lumbly from Alias) is not quite willing to tell all about to Gibbs.   Then the second victim turns up dead - a good looking woman working for the DIA.   There are remnants of a burned book in her fireplace.   Is this book somehow relevant to her death?   And if yes, the Commander's, too?

The book is an expose of illegal miltary operations, which both the Commander and the DIA agent were investigating.   So there's no doubt that the book in some way triggered the two murders.   But by whom?   Someone who's career would be ruined if the book gets published?

There follows a good investigation of the publisher, and the author, but the murderer is still not only at large but unknown.   And the key, it turns out, is the oldest motive in the world.  The book is dedicated to the DIA agent, who had a romantic involvement with the author.    The husband of the DIA agent sees the dedication, follows her to a meeting with the Commander - strictly business and relating to their case - and wrongly assumes that she's having an affair with him.   The husband then goes on to kill both.

Sometimes the solution has nothing to do with military secrets or rogue governmental agents, but is rather hiding in the plain sight of perennial, everyday marital discord.   A good twist for a show like NCIS, and, as Gibbs advises the murderer - try divorce instead.  He of course should know.

Gibbs also had the best line in the show, about a danish in a dispenser looking like it was there since he first started working at NCIS.  What is it about those danishes - they always look that way.   But tonight's show was like a nice fresh danish, tasty, not too heavy, and a good snack as we wait for the powerhouse shows up ahead.

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