Monday, March 28, 2011

The Event 1.15: Bluffs and Stakes

More stakes raised in The Event 1.15, in a complex game of bluff and sacrifice and death of one major character.

The death was alien.   Here's how that happened -

The aliens were holed up in the church last week, surrounded by our troops.  The President wants to take them all in.  Sophia of course does want not her people imprisoned again.  A standoff, which the President has no patience for, and is about to break with an all-out assault.

Sophia would love to see her and her people teleport out of there.  But the alien operator on the other side of the world only has enough nuclear power for a much more modest disruption of the space-time continuum.   Sophia elects to use it.   The Washington Monument is destroyed.  The President, thinking Sophia's people have the power to do much more damage, agrees to their demands for three buses and a plane to escape.

Sophia's bluff has worked.  But meanwhile, back at the White House, Blake's suspicions that Simon is an alien are revived, which leads to cracking the code used by Sophia and Simon for their conversations.   The President now hears a conversation in which Sophia tells Simon she was bluffing about the power in the alien transporter.  Furious, the President orders all three buses with aliens destroyed.  The transporter now has built up some power, but only enough to pull one bus out of the firing line.  One of the three buses is blown apart by a rocket from our helicopter.  Thomas now sacrifices himself and his own bus, as Sophia's is teleported to safety.

A nice ending to this game, which has done the aliens some real damage, but still leaves some of them standing, and Sophia out for blood.  Meanwhile,  Vicki and Sean may be starting to fall for each other over in France.  They're over there looking for Dempsey, who, if his musings in a cave with prehistoric paintings is any indication, not to mention an insignia on his arm, may be thousands of years old.   Does he hold the secret to the aliens' survival?

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The Plot to Save Socrates

"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly

"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

"Sierra Waters is sexy as hell" - curled up with a good book
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