Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Next to Last V (Just of Season 2, I Hope)

V came through with a fine next-to-last episode tonight - of the season not the series, I hope.   The ultimate fate of this show has yet to be announced.  Like the Earth itself - or, at least, we humans - in this series, V has an uncertain future at this point.

I'd like to see it renewed.   V's continuing to do a good job of making us uncertain about the true loyalties of some of the pivotal characters.  Last week, Marcus was revealed as a Visitor whose ultimate loyalties may reside with Diana not Anna.   Tonight Joshua re-discovers who he really is - a Visitor member of the 5th Column.

Even Anna's ultimate loyalties are significantly in doubt.  She's dead set on destroying humans, but she is not as above and beyond human emotion as she thinks or hopes.   She has the stirrings of real motherly love for Ryan's daughter - more than she apparently feels for Lisa.   Marcus, loath to go against his current queen even on behalf of Diana, notices Anna's emotion.  This could well trigger Marcus's total support of Diana.

In a move which also was explored last night in The Event on NBC,  Anna is now intent on readying the landing docks for the 500+ V ships approaching Earth from outer space.  Erica's bold move to stop that tonight didn't quite work out.

At least some of this will be resolved in the finale.  Again, I hope it's just this season we'll be seeing the last chapter of next week.  V is not the greatest science fiction series ever on television.  It's not even quite as good - yet - as the original V mini-series (the two of them).  But it has something, and I'd welcome its return next year.

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