Wednesday, March 2, 2011

V 2.8: Conversions and Reconversions

V 2.8 continues on a fast-track of rapidly shifting loyalties on both sides, including
  • Marcus, who barely survived a bomb blast, turns out to be an ally of Diana!  (Now we know why he didn't die - the series had a better idea for him.)
  • Ryan is now, apparently, 100% against Anna, and is working with Lisa.
  • Erica and Kyle end up in each other's arms - dangerous for Erica, since she doesn't know that Kyle is now working for Anna.  But maybe Erica can turn him back to the human cause.

Jack hasn't changed sides, but in many ways his evolution on the show has been the most interesting.  Deprived of his priesthood, he's now just a freedom fighter, but he continues to urge ethical standards and moral considerations which were always contrary to Kyle's approach, and are now more than Erica is willing to accommodate.   I'm also half-thinking that Jack may be attracted to Erica.  We've seen him looking at her several times, and there may be more than intellectual, ethical appraisal in his eyes.   If so, then Erica's new relationship with Kyle - if it's more than a one-night stand - could be especially dangerous for the Fifth Column's unity, if Jack finds out about it.

Up on the ship, Diana continues to be the most interesting wildcard.   One point about an apparent lack of continuity between her character now and back in the 1980s:  her amazement now about Ryan's daughter being a Visitor-human hybrid.  Wasn't the "Star Child" - Elizabeth Maxwell -  in Diana's reign in the 1980s, a hybrid, and a crucially important character?

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