Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NCIS 8.18: Gibbs vs. the Kid

Whoah, one of the best NCIS episodes of the season - 8.18 - as Gibbs and DiNozzo try to get a kid (an 18-year old who looks much younger) to confess to the murder of his father (a former marine).   Vance is sure the kid is guilty, though he has steadfastly denied the charge.  Vance has a special interest in seeing the kid go down (first, his friend's appointment to the bench may be depend upon it, and next - which may be more primary - it turns out that Vance and the victim were friends).   Gibbs has no zest for this case, but Vance insists on putting Gibbs and the team on it, since it requires a great interrogator to break the kid, and Gibbs is one of the best ("who's the other," Gibbs retorts, in the best line of the show).

The first part of the show features DiNozzo and Gibbs doing a classic bad cop / good cop on the kid, powerfully played by Cameron Monaghan, who performed so well on Fringe last year (as what I called the kid who changed minds).  Now, Monaghan's character Nick certainly has volatile, unresolved feelings about his father, plus a history of drug abuse including on the night of the murder, and a neighbor who puts him at the scene of the crime.  But did Nick do it?

As Gibbs gradually begins to think maybe not, Vance gets more aggressive and insistent on getting a confession.  He takes over the interrogation, brandishing an axe (much like the one used on Nick's father), and gets the confession.

Now Gibbs, repulsed by Vance's methods, is less sure than ever about Nick's guilt.   Suffice to say Gibbs was right, and the team nabs the real killer.

But all's not well that ends well here.  Gibbs and Vance - who has been showing attitude to Gibbs all season - are on worse terms than ever.   This relationship may well beyond repair, and the only question may be how much more damage Vance will do before he goes.

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