Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Love Ends

I liked everything about the series finale of Big Love, just on HBO, except one thing.   If you haven't seen it, don't read on ...

The shocker near the end of last episode of Big Love was certainly not satisfying, and only appropriate if one values metaphor above the lessons of real life.  After surmounting most of the obstacles facing him - keeping his family together, starting his church, which has nearly 500 people coming to its opening after Bill stands up in the Utah Senate and introduces an amendment which would legalize polygamy - after doing all of that, Bill is shot dead by his off-balance neighbor.

Yes, you could say that this was appropriate, given that Bill had completed his mission here on Earth.  Yes, this ending gives us the O'Henry-esque twist of not being able to escape one's fate.   Bill dodged Alby's intent on shooting him, last week, only to succumb to the deranged neighbor's bullet tonight.

Yes, you can say all of that, and it would be true and well-taken, but I still would have preferred an ending that left Bill alive.  Had Bill been convicted and gone off to prison, the excellent very last scenes could have been exactly same:  Sarah and her husband and baby back home, Barb presiding over the christening, Margene about to leave on another trip, and everyone with tears in their eyes because Bill wasn't there.

But I thank Big Love, its writers and producers and performers, for a great run.  The show will go down as one of the best ever on television.

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