Monday, March 14, 2011

House 7.16: Broken Hearts and their Repair

An excellent House 7.16 tonight, in which a bullfighter with a damaged heart serves as a physical parallel to House's heart, broken last week by Cuddy.

First, let me say that I think Cuddy was wrong to break up with House.  I know she had a harrowing near-death experience, but she of all people should have known what House was made of - his unreliability and his vulnerability - before she initiated their relationship at the end of last year.

Tonight, Wilson attempts - unsuccessfully, of course - to get her to go back to House, or at least re-initiate some kind of relationship.  She refuses, and eventually goes to see House only to oppose his diagnosis.   Martha also opposed it (she should be fired, if you ask me), but House, as almost always, was right.  As he tells Cuddy, he's the genius, and he's right.  More power to him in not shying away from his talent and brilliance.

Bur House has one more surprise in store for us.  After a few days and nights with luscious prostitutes, House stands on the balcony of his hotel room, and makes as it he intends to jump off.   He does - with Wilson, standing on the ground, in worse than shock.

But the joke's on Wilson and everyone who worried that House was taking his life.   His jump is into a swimming pool, from which he emerges with a big grin on his face.

He's not out of the woods just yet.  Cuddy's leaving did him real damage.  But he's off to a good start.

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