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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Criminal Minds 6.17: Prentiss Farewell Part I

We've been seeing the beginning of the end for Prentiss on Criminal Minds for a few episodes, in short pieces at the beginning and ends of other cases, as she comes to realize that her old enemy Ian Doyle, from days prior to the BAU, has come out of prison to kill her.  Now, in episode 6.17, this finally comes to a head, as Prentiss and the BAU investigate a series of murders committed by Doyle and his team, designed to draw the BAU and Prentiss in, as well as settle other scores.

Prentiss has refused until and through tonight's episode to tell any of her team what's going on with her.  Penny and Derek of course are astute enough to suspect that something's going on, but Prentiss steadfastly rebuffs their attempts to get her to talk to them.  Spencer gets about the closest, after Prentiss sees him flinch from his headache, and the two have a little discussion about what's ailing him.  Spencer tells Prentiss what we already know, but she tells him nothing about her predicament.

We've of course not seen the last of what's going on with Spencer, but 6.17 is about Prentiss's problem.   Her close colleague Tsia is eventually killed - one shot to the head, as she comes to the door of an apartment which Prentiss advised her to go to for safety.  Prentiss feels guilty.

It's been a season of departures for Criminal Minds, first J. J. at the beginning of the season, and now Emily Prentiss - the coming attractions advise us that the next episode, in two weeks, will be Prentiss's last.   The only question, sadly, is whether Prentiss will leave alive, dead, or missing.

And the coming attractions also show J. J. coming back to help with the Prentiss case.   I wouldn't mind seeing her back permanently, but I suppose that's too much to ask.    We may have to settle by the end of this season for Spencer's headaches not requiring him to leave the team.

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