Friday, March 11, 2011

Fringe 3.16: Walter and Yoko

Well, the best line in Fringe 3.16 came from Walter, early in the show, when he tells us that he slept with Yoko Ono back in the 1970s.  Second best line was also from Walter, who briefly mentions "powdered water" (but no credit given to comedian Stephen Wright, who as far as I know came up with the idea - "I bought some powdered water," Wright used to laconically say, "but I didn't know what to add".)

As for the story tonight, it didn't have much relevance to our central stories, until the very end.  A scientist has developed a way to make people float in the air.  He thinks it's because he discovered what happens when you mix together two rare elements.   A pretty good classic-style science fiction tale.   But Walter brings it back to the central predicament - the impending war between the realities - when he realizes that the floating effect is not the result of the two elements, but of the disintegration of our reality due to the tear Walter made between the two realities, when he kidnapped Peter.

Peter and Olivia now seem happy enough together, but the support of their relationship by Walter and now Nina is a little much.   I was almost sensing something between Walter and Nina, but then remembered that Nina had and maybe has something going on with Broyles.   What's going on with that?

As for Olivia, she's taken over, in the end, by William Bell, whose soul is summoned here like ringing a bell - in this case, by Walter, literally ringing one in Nina's office.   I hope this bell is ringing in a series of Fringe episodes that concentrate more on the deeper, underlying stories.   These make the show really fly.

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