Monday, March 21, 2011

Detroit 1-8-7

Just caught the season finale of Detroit 1-8-7 - been watching and enjoying the series since it began - and the finale was superb.  A realistic, satisfying ending.

The series started off a little slowly in the Fall.  Formulaic two cases per episode, rarely intersecting.  But an outstanding Detroit locale.  Between that and new Chrysler commercials, I almost want to live there (I'm an incorrigible New Yorker).

The acting has been powerful throughout.   With Michael Imperioli and James McDaniels (Lt. from NYPD Blue), how can you miss.  And, in fact, this easily is Imperioli's best role since The Sopranos, and McDaniels may be even better here than on NYPD Blue, playing a detective close to retiring.

But the rest of the cast and characters are fine, too - even McDaniels' partner (played by Shaun Majumder), which easily could have been a throwaway role, makes a unique, memorable impression.

And with the last few episodes, the series has come into its own.  Surprising deaths and other twists, stories which get to the hearts of the characters.  Especially effective was Imperioli's son Vadim playing Imperioli's character Fitch's son - a cool, younger version of the father,  with similar body language and expressions, as well as sharp dialogue.

If you missed Detroit 1-8-7, catch it on Netflix or whatever when it's out.  And here's hoping that we get to see more of Detroit and this story in the Fall.  I'd really enjoy another weekly series of visits.

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