Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Good Wife 2.16: Information Wars

A great Good Wife 2.16 tonight, with so many excellent stories swirling around, some with neat and excellent resolutions, that it was hard to keep track.  All to the good in entertainment, making it just like real life.  Here are some highlights -

1. Will and Diane have a client - played by Miles from Lost (Ken Leung) - who was in prison in China for five years.  His social network gave up his name - and those of other blogging dissidents - as the price of doing business in China.   (In our world, Google for a while played along with Chinese requests for censorship, but never turned over any one's names.)  The head of the social network defends his actions as necessary to keep the door open in China to the democratizing influences of new media (or what I call "new new media," or online media that put power in people's hands).  He gets off an amazingly current line about this - "look what happened in Egypt" - which I bet was dubbed in the past two weeks, good for the producers of the show or whoever did his.   (See the special lecture I gave at St. Francis College last week for more on these Internet revolutions.) Will gets to quote Steward Brand's "information wants to be free" (unfortunately without attribution - one reason I like Criminal Minds so much).  And there's a great, surprise resolution of this case, which involves the firm's Zuckerberg-like client that we saw in a previous episode.

2.  Will and Diane's attempt to outsmart Bond and give him the boot comes to a head and a vote.  Lots of good ingredients in this one, including Diane enlisting the help of some "alteh kackers" (the "al" pronounced, by the way, like the "ol" in "Ollie" and not as Will said it, which made the "alteh kacker" seem to come from an alternate universe).   By the way, the leading "alteh" was played by Jerry Adler, of Hesch on The Sopranos and Chief Feinberg of Rescue Me fame.  And that wasn't even the best part of this thread, which featured a great triple agent feint in the final voting as to who will be thrown out of the firm.

3. Peter has a good episode with his political aspirations, thanks to the sharp work by Zach.  It was great to see them hug at the end.

4. Kalinda is under serious investigation.  Cary brings her this news, and kisses her.  They obviously had something going that we don't quite know about in the past, maybe just last year.

Add to this that "Google's" lawyer expressed interest in hiring Alicia away from the firm, Zach and Becca are getting close again, and you have one superb episode in this fine series, indeed.

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