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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bones 6.15: "Lunch for the Palin Family"

Funniest line of Bones 6.15 - in contention for funniest line of the season, maybe of several seasons - came from Mr. Nigel-Murray, commenting upon a slab of deer meat on the lab table that was part of the investigation: "Are we investigating a murder or preparing lunch for the Palins?" he asks Bones, in a perfect non-smiling delivery.

Sign of a great detective show is when a funny line can transcend the story, and in this case, it's even better, because the venison indeed has a connection to the case at hand:  Broadsky, last seen at the end of the last episode, as Booth's former military buddy and assassin of the Gravedigger, is using a deer for practice with his new smart-bullet rifle.  The weapon, by the way, is so futuristic, that Bones pipes up when someone says it may come from the future, that "time travel is impossible" (I agree completely - see my The Enjoyable Trouble with Time Travel).

Booth and Broadsky (played by Arnold Vosloo) have a conflicted relationship, to say the least.  Broadsky has apparently become a vigilante super-hero, meting out death not just to deers for target practice but to real-life criminals.   Booth can't let this stand, and feels guilty that he in effect let Broadsky go at the end of the previous episode.   But when Booth pressures Broadsky's connection in the military to help him get Broadsky, she takes her own life.  This gives Broadsky a slight boost in the ultimate morality of this, telling Booth that Booth was responsible for the contact's death.  (Oddly, Booth doesn't respond that Broadsky killed an innocent bystander in one of his vigilante executions.)

All of this puts Bones in a difficult position, too.  She doesn't want Booth to be Broadsky's executioner, and doesn't want to assist or enable Booth in that role, either.  And Booth, for his part, is hurt that Bones may think he and Broadsky are alike.   In the end, Bones is a little slow in giving Booth a crucial detail (from our point of view, it looks as if she didn't see it, rather than she saw it and withheld it).  And Booth stops Broadsky's latest execution - but Broadsky escapes.  Deliberate on Booth's part?

I was actually glad, and hope Broadsky stays around for a while - he brings out good narrative qualities in both Booth and, as a result, Bones.   Good to have Bones back - and, hey, I didn't even mention Angela's father ...

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