Friday, December 2, 2016

Case on Netflix: The Seamy Side of Iceland

Back with another review of another series I just streamed on Netflix - hey, that's an indication of how many good series Netflix is making available. This one is a police and lawyer story that takes place in Iceland - in Icelandic, with subtitles.   But I actually enjoy a subtitled television series every once in a while.

Now, I've never been to Iceland - I certainly hope to someday - but I tended to think Iceland was an idyllic community, with a life as clean and good as the virgin snow.  Well, not quite - but I certainly wouldn't have expected to find a realm of hard drug use, prostitution, and child porn to rival that found in many big American cities.

Case is all about that, and more.  It's actually the third season of a story of police and lawyers (though it's billed as the first season), which consisted of standalone episodes (like, say, Law and Order), but in the third season went for one continuous, seamless story (which I guess is why it's identified as the first season).  And a seamy, often brutally hard-hitting story it was.

Many of the major characters are in the earlier seasons, but you can pick up their back stories quickly enough in the one season (the third season) now on Netflix.  The story ultimately is a whodunit - the "it" being the drugging and sexual abusing including rape of high school girls in Iceland.  The cast consists of actors and actresses completely unknown to me, and all did a very good job.

I won't tell you who the villain is, because that's a pretty good twist.  But I will say Case will keep you on the edge of your seat, and is well worth your viewing on a snowy evening or otherwise.

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