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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Timeless 1.9: The Kiss and the Key

A good Timeless 1.9 tonight, as our team goes back to the time of Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930s, to fetch a key of some importance that Bonnie has around her neck.

Lucy and Wyatt don't get the key, but they do get to kiss, on behalf of maintaining their covers, and that's good to see.   Wyatt also tells how he proposed to his real fiancee, in another reality, lost in this one, and that's an effective scene, too.  All of this brings Lucy and Wyatt closer, and we also get a good line from Rufus - who says he's Wesley Snipes (continuing the tradition of Timeless, in which Wyatt's ID in an earlier episode says he's Mulder from the X-Files) - making this adventure worthwhile, even though our team doesn't recover the key, or stop Bonnie and Clyde from being riddled with bullets by lawmen (with Flynn "helping" the lawmen).

Flynn gets the key, and uses it to find a message in the future.   It all has something to do with Rittenhouse, as everything does in one way or another in this series.  Unfortunately, the leisurely nature of network television series, and Timeless in particular, gives us very little progress in any episode in unlocking the central mystery.

But there are some signs that we'll learn more soon.  Denise is beginning to close in.  It's not clear if she's on the side the heroes or the villains, but any motion in the exec team in our present is good to see in this show.  Here's what may be a missing piece of the puzzle - or a clue to the key to what's going on: why is it that only some trips to the past cause profound changes in the present of our major characters, such as Lucy losing her sister and gaining a fiancee and regaining her mother?   In contrast, tonight's trip apparently changed nothing for Lucy - and not for Wyatt or Rufus, either.

Looking forward to more.

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