Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rectify 4.7: Teddy Jr

An unusually memorable next-to-last episode of Rectify last night (4.7) - Rectify is always powerful - but this one had something else, an extraordinary scene not only with Daniel, but an equally indelible, very different scene with Teddy, Jr.

Daniel's was almost unspeakable intense, as he recounts how he was gang-raped in prison.  He partially reprises his account later in the hour, and the first time was so searing and crushing that I was glad it wasn't repeated in its entirety.  I suppose the silver lining is that Daniel was able to survive and start to make a life for himself, as Chloe keeps telling him, but it's hard to measure what he's been through.

Teddy, Jr.'s scene was also remarkable, as he tells his father Teddy that he and Tawney are divorcing.  Clayne Crawford has always been good in the role, but he was really masterful last night, projecting just the right amount of his giving into to his emotions and trying to keep them contained.

Aden Young as Daniel has been great in every scene - definitely Emmy-worthy - as he was last night, not only reliving his rape in prison but explaining to Chloe why she's better off leaving.  I'm still hoping they'll stay together.

And there may be some grounds for hope.  The reasons he gives Chloe all hinge around his continuing his half-way house existence.  But the new sheriff and DA are closing in on what really happened to Hanna, and how Daniel was railroaded into a confession, and there's time in the extended finale next week to truly set Daniel free.

Or at least, more free than he is.  Because the enduring lesson of Rectify, made vivid again last night, is that nothing can ever really set Daniel free from what the system did to him.

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