Thursday, December 1, 2016

Designated Survivor 1.8: Kitchen Sink

Good to see Designated Survivor back in action with episode 1.8 last night, with Kirkman have everything and the kitchen sink thrown against him in his effort to rebuild the political structure of our country after the devastating State of the Union attack.

Top of the list is a germ warfare attack - biological terrorism - designed to stop the election of a new House of Representatives.  Talk about elections being rigged!  As in everything it does, Designated Survivor takes this scenario one big step over the top, in true riveting 24 fashion.

Meanwhile, Kirkman's paternity of his son comes to a head, and I was glad to see this story wrapped up.  It was a soap-opera move, not really necessary in the high stakes of everything else, in which the nation itself is at risk.

The continuing story here is who was responsible for the Capitol bombing?   We learned last night that it's not the likely next VP, who is now seen being run by the villains, rather than being one of them.  All signs point to the group being domestic, but with Designator Survivor's ear clearly attuned to what's actually going on in our world, in real news, there still may be a foreign power yet to be revealed that's behind this ... such as the Russians.

Jack Bauer in 24 of course had plenty of dealings with hostile foreign powers, including the Chinese and the Russians.  If the Russians play a bigger role in Designator Survivor - we've already seen them as a problem for Kirkman a few episodes ago - will Putin's name be specifically mentioned?   Probably not - but here's a vote to bring John Noble back as Anatoly Markov in some Russian spy role, if Kiefer Sutherland has to tangle with him in Designated Survivor.

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  terrorist squirrels and bombs in NYC


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