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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Walking Dead 7.7: Negan and the Kids

A truly chilling episode 7.7 of The Walking Dead last night.  It contained one viscerally horrendous scene when Negan melts someone's face off with a hot iron, but the real horror was a much quieter and ultimately more effective one.

Negan captures Carl, and continues showing something of a fatherly liking of him. He instructs Carl on the male camaraderie practice of "breaking balls," and gives him all kinds of other helpful advice.  By any rights, he should kill Carl, who tried to kill Negan and did kill two of his men.  But Negan is taken by Carl, and drawn to him in his quintessentially sick but still paternal way - in a way, at least.

Carl's reaction is even more interesting.   He hates Negan and still wants to kill him, of course.  But is a part of Carl appreciating the education that Negan is trying to give him - an education in some of the aspects of life that, for whatever reason, Rick has not yet been able to give his son?   Hard to say, but Darrell's simmering revulsion to all of this clearly apparent, while Carl's is not quite.

And the concluding scenes of this episode ramp up this track yet another quietly maddening and revolting notch.  Negan's on the porch with Judith on his lap, in a rocking chair, with Carl seated next to them, and both sipping lemonade.

You couldn't ask for a more normal yet deeply wrong scene, precisely the kind that most raises the hackles in your soul.   In its constant quest to provide a cocktail of horror and normalcy in this post-apocalyptic world,  The Walking Dead last night provided a truly unforgettable tableau.

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