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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Affair 3.3: Who Attacked Noah?

Having solved the mystery of who killed Scotty - and how and why - at the end of the second season, The Affair in episode 3.3 now pitches us fully into a new crime narrative: who attacked Noah, nearly killed him, and why?

The question takes form in the second half hour, Noah's half hour, in which we're fully introduced to Noah's prison guard, who has a grievance and a violent temper. But, I don't know, he seems like too obvious a choice at this early point in the story. So who else might have stabbed Noah?

Well, the detectives are suspicious of Cole, as indeed they should.  Who else?  The guy at Juliette's dinner, who maybe resents Noah because of the way Juliette, and for that matter Audrey, looks at Noah and admires his work? (It's grudging in the case of Audrey, but she's clearly attracted to him.) So, maybe. And while we're on the subject, are we sure that Noah's assailant was a man, and not Audrey herself? Actually, no one other than the prison guard and Cole are even remotely likely, but you just never know.

I haven't included Juliette on the list of subjects - she'd have to be a real psycho to go to Noah's apartment, stab him, and then go back again and be surprised to find him bleeding out and save him - she'd need to be a full-fledged schizophrenic.  But she's certainly a full-fledged character now, with her own named half hour to start this episode and everything.

And it's an interesting half hour, too, beginning with her masturbating to Noah's novel, then letting the guy at Juliette's dinner take her from behind.  And she saves Noah - which, if you think about it, is one of the most important events in the three seasons so far.

I think she and Noah would make a good couple.   But ... Audrey wants to sleep with him, and we haven't even seen Alison and Noah have as much as a conversation.

Good, provocative times ahead!

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