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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Vikings 4.14: Penultimate Ragnar?

A crucial Vikings 4.14 last night, with a long overdue, wonderful and painful conversation between Ragnar and Ecbert, which took up most of the episode.

Among the high points of the conversation was Athelstan, how Ragnar and Ecbert both loved him, competed for his attention, with Ragnar saying and Ecbert acknowledging that Athelstan loved Ragnar more, which is why he went back to Scandinavia.  (I always thought that Athelstan went back with Ragnar more from a motive to learn more about this strange new culture, than  the magnetism of Ragnar, but the two factors are related.)  But Ragnar also feels deep guilt about Floki's murder of Athelstan, and Ragnar's failure to protect his friend.

The appearance of Athelstan's son in many ways epitomized this profound scene.  It indicated that Athestan would be continuing in some way in the flesh, and gave Ragnar another chance to show his love for Athelstan, in that long hug.

The death of Athelstan and his continuance in his son also serves as prelude for the ultimate message of the conversation between Ragnar and Ecbert.   Ragnar feels his time on this Earth is ending, and he wants to take his leave in a way that most protects his sons and his legacy.

The look in Ecbert's eyes when he realizes what Ragar is asking him to do, well, just said it all - and superb, deftly effective acting in this season from both Linus Roache and Travis Fimmel.  

So will Ragnar be dispatched to Valhalla in the next episode?  The coming attractions certainly suggest that, but we've been surprised before, and as much as I like change, I'd like to see Ragnar stay on forever.

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