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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Affair 3.5: Blocked Love

A classic Alison and Noah episode 3.5 of The Affair tonight, departing from the template in that Noah's story takes place mostly after Alison's, not at the same time. But that makes the hour even stronger, and just about perfect in every way.

We finally get to see them together tonight - it took five episodes, far too long, but the wait was worth it.   Alison's episode gets the two to Block Island - away from Montauk - as Noah's price for agreeing to sign the divorce papers that Alison wants him to sign.  They take off their clothes, but just for the hot tub, and do end up in bed together - looking into each others' eyes but fully clothed.

Noah's episode is the powerhouse, with Noah explaining to Alison why he truly loved her - after she has dismissed their relationship as something much less.   The key to Noah's love was that he assisted his mother in her death, and felt a unique kinship with Alison, given what she had been through with Gabriel.   Noah breaks down as he tells Alison this story - an outstanding performance by Dominic West, and also Ruth Wilson - and this melts Alison, all the way into Noah's arms and bed.

Noah, still ultimately a gentleman when it comes to Alison, later signs the divorce papers.  But I'm hoping they won't be filed.  Or maybe it doesn't matter - what Alison and Noah have, flawed as it is, needs no legality.

Meanwhile, I've got to say that the other part of Noah's story, about the sicko, sadistic prison guard, is a piece of this I'd rather do without.   I know, it's the necessary motive for Noah becoming somewhat delusional - but he's not completely delusional, either, given that we know (or, as far as know) he didn't stab himself.

So Alison's slept with both Cole and Noah now.   Who does she really love?  The choices are (a) neither, (b) both, (c) Cole, (d) Noah - I know which answer I'd choose.

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