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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vikings 4.13: Family

An excellent Vikings 4.13 last night, with pivotal developments in not two but three different parts of the world, bound together by Ragnar's family ties.

The competition among the three narratives was tough, but I guess my favorite, by a nose, was Ragnar and Ivar.  The conversation in which Ragnar tells Ivar he was wrong about his son, and he ultimately has something more, not less, than his brothers, was priceless and perfect.  And so was the way Ivar dispatched some of his Viking compatriots, as distasteful as that otherwise was (I would have preferred to see him spare the young shield maiden).

But speaking of brothers, a very close second to Wessex were Bjorn and Uncle Rollo in Paris.  It was great to see Rollo's three kids - especially the one who stuck his tongue out at Floki (which Floki also enjoyed) - and gratifying to see the Viking wanderlust that was still strong in his blood.  It will be great to see how this expedition fares as it makes its way towards Rome.

The third theater was back home in Scandinavia, as Lagertha moves against Aslaugh.  I'm glad to see this happen - Lagertha deserves to be in charge - but I hate seeing Vikings kill Vikings, which is why I also didn't like Ragnar and Ivar's slaughter of their compatriots in Olde England, logical as it was.

It's exhilarating indeed to see the Vikings extend their reach further south in their world, and I await the day that we see some version of Ragnar's descendants sail west - to Iceland, Greenland, and America.   In the meantime, here's to more adventures up and down and around Europe.

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