Thursday, December 15, 2016

Designated Survivor 1.10: Who Was Hit?

A great winter finale for Designated Survivor tonight - with a cliffhanger that exceeded even some of those we saw on 24.

Before that ending, we also got a nice twist: we already knew that the VP to be (or not to be) was not part of the conspiracy running the show, but was being run himself - that is, he's more a tool than a player in this treason.  But tonight we find out that his wife is his proximate player - nice, unexpected touch, literally the woman behind the man.

The episode was fast-moving, also revealing that Aaron may be a bad guy - though, for all we know, there could be another twist in this, too.

But the ending was a pressure-cooker powerhouse.  The assassin is slightly thrown off by Hannah's shot, just as he's about to shoot Kirkman, so whom does his shot hit?   And what is the result of the bullet?

Well, first, since we're in television land, and network television at that, we know it can't be that Kirkman is killed.   Kiefer Sutherland is too important an actor and Kirkman too important a character for that to happen (the first point is more crucial than the second).  So Kirkman may be wounded - which would be an interesting touch, if that allowed the VP to serve as President even for a short time.

Or, the VP could have been hit - either wounded or killed.  Or the President's wife, or the VP's wife, or even the guy who was swearing them in, though that would be so uninteresting that we can rule that out.

We do see a stretcher in the coming attractions - but for all we know, that could be Hannah, shot by one of the President's Secret Service.  I wouldn't put much money on that, though.  At this point, the most likely victim is someone on the stage - which, come to think of it, also could be Aaron.

I'll be thinking about this ... until March?  Yeah, we'll have to wait that long to see what happens. Hey, we'll have a lot to follow in real life American governance and world affairs.

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