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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Outlander 5.2: Antibiotics and Time Travel

Outlander was firing on all cylinders in episode 5.2 - did they have cylinders back in the 1700s? - of course they did, the cylinder has been known since ancient times, though not in automobiles.  But Outlander 5.2 has an excellent time-travel discussion, and important development of Jamie's story, as well as Brianna's.

Claire, as always, wants to use her 20th-century knowledge of medicine in her 18th-century doctoring.  She worries that her grandson could die of an infection coming from a scraped knee, in a world without antibiotics.   So she starts growing some on moldy bread.

Brianna worries what this "playing God" could do the world and cosmos, resulting in who knows how many people living who would otherwise have died.  Actually, the healing properties of antibiotics were also known in ancient times -- "purefy me with hyssop, and I will be clean" (Psalm 51:7) -- but that knowledge was largely lost by the time of pre-revolutionary America, so Brianna's point is still well taken.

But Claire's response is even better.  She correctly says that every instant she and everyone who came from the future have been in the past has changed history, and broken whatever the pre-ordinations of space and time.  Therefore, in the interest of saving and improving people's lives, let space and time and "history be damned".  Wise words, that certainly as an aficionado of time travel I can heartily agree with.

Meanwhile, Bonnet is back in sadistic play, and Jamie is finding it harder and harder to toe the line between the Redcoats and his own very different principles.   As I said, firing on all cylinders.

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