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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Outlander 5.1: Father of the Bride

Here's a sneak preview review of Outlander 5.1, available now on Starz on Demand.

Most of it was devoted to Brianna and Roger's wedding, good to see after all they and Brianna's parents have been through.  Lots of kissing and love-making, between couples of all ages.  Brianna's baby has been born, and it was heartwarming to see Roger take him fully as his own.

But beneath the surface, Brianna is of course deeply apprehensive about this, and Jamie gets no peace, either, given the redcoat's insistence that he find Murtagh.  Jamie last words to Murtagh, that make himself "hard to find," pretty much says it all.  Jamie might be able to close his eyes to Murtagh, but for not too long.  And what happens if someone else finds Murtagh?

Not much mention or indication of time travel in this episode, but what there was was good.  It was fun to see Claire and Brianna and Roger at various times talking about Elvis, the mashed potato, and the twist, and Claire's trials and tribulations with the medicine available to her in this time are always interesting to see.

As for actual time travel, a brief conversation shows Roger wants to go back to their present, and Brianna does not.  To do that, the two would have to first go back to Scotland ... or maybe not.  If I recall correctly, there was some possible indication that maybe a set of stones exist right here in America.   If so, that would certainly open all kind of possibilities for our characters - including possibly Murtagh, if he needed a quick way out of colonial America, which he probably does not.

In the meantime, the scenery is lush, the accents are great, and I'll see you back here next week.

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