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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Letter from Sierra Waters

Dear Readers - I received the following this morning in my e-mail, and, after much consideration, I've decided to post it on all of my blogs, in an effort to be of whatever assistance I can to Sierra ...

Dear Dr. Levinson - Pardon this unexpected e-mail, but since you have written about me, and my work, I thought you might be receptive. Truthfully, I'm can't be at all sure that this will even reach you. Setting e-mail to be delivered at a future date is one thing. Setting e-mail to be delivered in the past is, of course, something quite else.

First, I do want to sincerely thank you for all the good things you have written about me, and for the good attention you have brought to me from others. This means a lot to me, believe me. I also appreciate the care you have taken in not revealing too much of my story, in too much detail - you seem to understand the dangers of too much leaked information in what I am doing.

So, with that in mind, I would ask you, and anyone who reads this, to convey whatever information you might have about the whereabouts and activities of the following people in 2008: Alcibiades, Heron of Alexandria, and Thomas O'Leary. The first two are of course historical figures, and may be and in fact are likely using different names in 2008. Any information about their 2008 activities would be enormously helpful. Thomas O'Leary is of course a much more common name. I am interested in the Thomas O'Leary who is a member of the secretive Millennium Club in New York City, and, also, I believe, teaches as an "adjunct," likely in philosophy or history, in one or two universities in New York.

I've have taken the liberty of setting an account for myself on your system - I can be reached at Sierra@LightonLightThrough.com

Thank you, again, for everything.

Readers - please feel free to re-post and distribute this as far and as wide as you can. PL

Sierra also sent along this picture - she says it's of her in NYC, date unknown...

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